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The Legacy Community Project

Help us build a thriving community for families living in the worst Cambodian slum

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Today: Over a billion people live in slums.

That’s 14% of the world’s population. Put another way, that's 1 in 7 people alive today living without hope amongst trash, sewage, drugs, and abuse in unimaginable conditions. Life without secure housing is a life without basic needs being met. Families living without safety, stability, education and nutrition lack dignity and hope for the future.

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Help Build a Community

World Housing is launching its first crowdfunding campaign to build a community for families living in the Steung Meanchey slum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Every person who donates to The Legacy Community Project will have their name featured on a plaque within the community.

What we've already accomplished

World Housing gifts homes to families living in slums in the developing world, fostering communities where families can thrive with safety, security, and access to the resources that change lives. Here's what we've already accomplished.

Every home is built by local skilled workers.
Home recipients are role models in their communities.
Families thrive in safety, security, and stability.

Our mission: To create social change by connecting the world to be a better community.

A new home means a new start, the beginning of a life with safety, security and stability as a foundation. What grows from there is a restoration of dignity and hope for the future.

Families and communities begin to thrive, bringing up a new generation of healthy, educated, and inspired leaders for their community.

A home is just the beginning.

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